How to Manage Multiple Users on One Twitter Account?

If you are searching how to manage Twitter accounts that have multiple users account and How to add an admin to a Twitter account?  Twitter Finally Offers Multiple Logins for Sharing Twitter Accounts. You can Manage Multiple Users on One Twitter Account with the help of

Easy process to manage multiple users on single twitter account: – Here you are only few clicks away to learn how to add multiple users in a twitter account. Find the best steps helpful to add multiple users in your twitter account.

  1. Login your Twitter account with your twitter login details
  2. Open in same browser
  3. Find account option in left side panel and Click on this.
  4. You’ll find “Join another team” Option to add another twitter account
  5. Fill information of another twitter account detail

Add another Twitter Account

  1. By confirming your detail, now you can post in another account from the same desk board.

It is the best process to manage multiple twitter accounts with single Disk-board. Hope you got my point…….. If you feel any issue please submit your detail, I feel happy to assist you.

Important update to Remarketing with Google Analytics

Important update to Remarketing with Google Analytics.jpg

What are Featured Snippets and How to Get Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippet is a direct answer of user’s search query and displayed on the top of search results. This answer will be very clear, direct and in very simple approach to understand.

Best Example of Featured Snippet:

Featured Snippet.jpg

Are looking for Featured Snippets? Want to know more about what is Featured Snippet? How to Get Featured Snippets? Featured snippets and SEO benefits, Role of featured snippets in search, Google featured snippet API……Get proper solution for featured snippet and procedure.

  1. Find very common questions related to current market trend
  2. Try to give accurate answers of that questions
  3. Give proper explanations for user satisfaction
  4. User easy language and user friendly examples to understand

Promote content on Times of India network

Promote content on Times of India network
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How to Take WordPress Website Backup?

If you are searching how to take back-up of your worpress website? Suppose your web hosting owner charges more hard-earned money compare to market. You are frustrated and Want to down load data base including full website, follow following steps.

– Login your control panel and check PHP MY ADMIN
– Select your database and Click on it, You’ll check data base sheet
– Click on Export and proceed to GO
– Check your download folder and save your SQL file for further use.

Now you can take hosting from another company and share that data to that company….By doing so you can save your money by taking hosting service from other company.

New Next Step comes How to take backup of your website pages? There are two steps to take website backup —- 1st through FTP detail — 2nd through control panel
Backup through FTP is long process it would take your long time…….So you should take backup through control panel. It’s very short and time saving process. For this follow suggested steps…

– Login your control panel and go to site manager tab
– Select your Domain OR click on Home Directory
– Click on GO — Select all Than Click on Compress
– Click on Compress Files To Create WP-Admin Zip Folder
– Now Down Load this Folder 

Hope you got all point to take back-up of your website. In Next Post we’ll discuss how to Install/integrate your site backup on new Server….. We’ll Come back Soon!!!!!

9 Ways The Rs 500 And Rs 1000 Cancellation Affects The Common Man

The nation came to a standstill after PM Narendra Modi announced that Rs.500 and Rs.1000 would cease to be legal tender from midnight tonight. People are panicking about the money, however there is not much to be worried about. Unless you have stack of illegal cash in your basement.
Here are 10 things that you need to know about the cancellation and how it will affect your life.

500 And Rs 1000 Cancellation Affects
1. No restrictions of any kind on non-cash payments.
People who have their money safe in their savings accounts need not worry about their notes. There would be no restrictions of any kind on non cash payments by cheques, demand drafts, debit or credit cards and electronic fund transfer.

2. Be prepared to stand in queue at the ATM.
Obviously, you will have to run to the ATM if you don’t have 100 rupee notes because after midnight tonight Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes can’t be used for any transaction. Also on the 9th November and in some places on 10th November, ATMs won’t work. More Detail

Google ‘Possum & Penguin 4.0’ algorithm update!


What is Google’s ‘Possum’ algorithm update? Many SEOs saw major shifts around September 1st – this has been due to Penguin 4.0 real time algorithm (Google update)

But if you think that your website might have been hit by one (or both?) of these updates, How to know which one that was? Impacted your websites…

What is “Possum” update? — Possum rolled out on September 1st, 2016

1. In Possum update IP location becomes more important

2. Businesses that are outside the physical city area got a boost in ranking

3. Sharing the same address with similar local businesses can make you less visible in the search results

How to make Google Local more visible

Make your business listing information as unique and accurate as possible.

Check that your business is listed on all possible local resources and directories.

Verify your business descriptions and proofread them from beginning to end.

Add high-quality images and videos to your listings.

Inspire your customers to leave Google reviews.

What is “Penguin 4.0″ update? – Penguin 4.0 rolled out on same September 1st, 2016

1. Penguin 4.0 is not a site-wide negative ranking factor anymore

2. 4.0 Penguin is a real-time Google algorithm, if your site gets penalized for unnatural links, No need to wait for ages till Google launches the refresh

Why your site is penalized by Penguin4.0?
1. Links coming from poor quality, “spammy” sites;
2. Links coming from sites created purely for SEO link building (PBNs);
3. Links coming from topically irrelevant sites;
4. Paid links;
5. Links with overly optimized anchor text.